Being somewhere in the border of GenX-GenY cohort, I feel the push to break free and the pull to stick to traditional way of living. Globalisation and internet is making this struggle grow exponentially every day.I am from INDIA and I often feel there are too many ‘meaningless’ traditional things which happens today and many meaningful
traditional things which are selectively forgotten.Its just like how we get black color when red,yellow and blue is mixed. Yellow the traditional and localised wisdom,Blue from globalization and exchange of ideas and red from people or group of people with
vested interest.
I tried to seek the truth to see if the INDIAN vedic knowledge,various practices of sanathana dharma,traditions and customs are relevant and make sense in today’s world. It is so huge in content and misinterpretation and branching so that nothing can be
concluded so easily(thanks to the pluralistic nature of Hinduism). Some people (who are well educated in various areas of modern science ) tried to explain some part of it.
Again there, most of them seemed so passionate to prove their point and in that process often forgot that if we need to prove it, we need to ‘prove’ it to the International modern scientific world. Instead they are simply claiming that all or most of them are SCIENCE.

What is science in short from wikipedia: Science (from Latin scientia, meaning “knowledge” is a systematic enterprise that builds and organizes knowledge in the form of testable explanations and predictions about the universe. In an older and closely related meaning, “science” also refers to a body of knowledge itself, of the type that can be rationally explained and reliably applied

Many times the modern world asked ‘is it scientific’ ‘is it proven? if so can you prove it now?’ The most common reply provided by those who are propagating vedic knowledge/Sanathana Dharma is that not everything can be proved today , because modern science still needs to progress further to be able to comprehend these.
Most rational people and scientist would not like to proceed further..they get angry,irritated or say its your job to prove.

But what i understand is that some of these are at least high quality philosophical or logical propositions which were innovative and thoughtful and I am quite sure this is not from a uncivilised or less developed group of people(eg: kadopanishad ). But most of them are not proved (or at least we don’t know if it was ever proved)

So my aim is to approach this with a very open mind and invite people from all over the world to challenge and conclude if these makes any sense.If some thing cannot be proven scientifically using today’s modern world, it should at least be proved statistically in today’s world.(eg: can some ‘yaga’ ceremony bring rain?. If it can be repeated 100 times and recorded in presence of scientists ..its okay for scientist to consider this as a valid ‘observation’ and can try to prove it further.)

I am hopeful that this blog acts as a ‘filter’ in passing good and relevant things to next gen.
-I will post one topic at a time related to a tradition/belief/custom/vedic truth etc. Please pass on these topic to me if you have one and we can take one bye one.

-I expect people (all religion, all faiths,all nationality )to say with proof if its already proven or not
-if it can’t be proven scientifically, it should be proven at least formally (statistically) in today’s world (this can be further researched by scientist)

-We will collectively decide if we need to pass on to these to Y gen. The aim is to act like a filter (without any bias) and pass only relevant things(either true or cases where further research would be beneficial) to next gen.
-its always up to people to believe in what ever they think are right.
-I expect that we keep anger/bad words out of this discussion.

So please post topics which you want to be filtered. I will start new threads for each topic and hope we can come to a definitive conclusion whether to pass it on to future generation or not.
Thank You!

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